What is Coronaviruses? Coronaviruses Symptoms & Diagnosis

What is Coronaviruses:

The corona virus is a family of viruses that causes stress that causes potentially fatal diseases in breasts and birds. In humans, they are usually spread by the droplets of air created by the affected individuals. Certain rare but notable stressors, including the Wuhan Corona virus (2019-nCoV), and those responsible for severe respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East breathing syndrome (MERS), can cause death in humans.

Coronaviruses Symptoms & Diagnosis:

A simple test for the diagnosis of Coronaviruses! Remember that the symptoms of Corona 7 do not show up so quickly, then how do we know if we are suffering from this disease?

Corona virus (COVID19) according to the latest information by 28 days the mouth passes through the lungs and does not show its visible signs. And unless the sick complain of cough and fever and cannot go to the hospital, So 50% of the lungs will get infected and it is too late!

Experts point to a simple test for the diagnosis of coronary disease,
That we can do every morning!

Take a deep breath and hold your breath for ten seconds. If you hold your breath for ten seconds without interruption. And in the meantime there is no cough and no problem. So that means no problem in your lungs.

According to modern Japanese doctors our mouth and throat do not dry.
If dry, we should drink one sip of water every fifteen minutes.

Because with the use of water and juice, the virus will move into your stomach immediately and eliminate the acidic virus in your stomach.

If we do not use water all day regularly. So the danger is that the virus will enter our lungs through the respiratory system, which would be a very dangerous situation.

Share this information right away to save human lives.

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